Live With Less

“Life is meant to be lived, not spent.”

There is nothing wrong with having the latest gadgets and enjoying its benefits. It’s incredible how these tools can make our lives and work easier, and how they allow us to communicate with people on the other side of the globe. Better tools definitely worth the investment, but only if we really need it. The danger of impulse buying is real – something we have to be aware of – considering the pressure of society on every one of us: “Make more money, own more stuff, impress others with your success!”.

Yet the path we choose is our decision. Making more money and owning more stuff inevitably leads to burnout sooner or later as we gradually lose focus on what really matters and give in to the temptations of the outside world. The price tag outweighs the value we get in exchange which is not the kinda deal we wanna strike.

Conscious living comes with more benefits than one could imagine. Owning less and owning what we really need is freedom. Making less money than what we actually need allows us to spend time with things that truly matter to us. Walking down this path leads to contentment and having peace of mind, knowing that we have control over our lives and decisions, and we live in harmony with our environment.

It’s surprising how some folks still don’t give a shit about the ongoing climate crisis. We are receiving news almost daily about the devastating negative impact of the accelerated climate change which becomes more and more unpredictable, yet many folks have been still in a dream state either totally ignoring it or naively expecting it to go away.

I was asked today why I’m into reforestation projects. Beyond genuinely surprised about such question even comes up these days, my answer was not only simple, but obvious: “‘Cause I do care.”.

To make a difference with my hard work, and invest my time in something valuable which has a lasting and global impact is something I call living. I wanna participate in the fight against climate crisis ‘cause it’s time to take responsibility and also action to fix a big mess we have been actively contributing to for decades or even centuries.

Watching a bunch of teenagers frantically looking for a power source to charge their smartphones at the train station reminded me of a different world which I used to be part of. Their nervous energy was the first thing I sensed, their impatience was impossible to not spot as they tried all sockets to squeeze out some power without much luck. They walked away annoyed that the damn sockets didn’t work making them face the grim prospect of running out of power soon.

Their expectations fueled by the illusion of being the center of the universe were shattered in a split second and their blindness lead to anger and discontentment. Those sockets function like modern-day wells in the middle of the digital desert and reaching them in time is like a decision between life or death.

While the sudden wave of anger blinded their senses, they missed noticing how their chains were about to crack before falling to the floor, shattered to pieces, signaling the dawn of a new sense of freedom.

We often forget that emotions – like everything in life – are temporary. Moreover, we tend to think that we are somehow restricted to the positive end of our emotional spectrum because – as it’s marketed to us – happiness is the ultimate destination of our journey, called human existence.

Whereas in reality, life often throws shit our way causing distress, frustration or even sorrow. So when shit hits the fan and we don’t know how to deal with it, we feel even more frustrated cause happiness suddenly seems like a distant land we never quite reach, like ever. We feel like a failure, never living up to the golden standard of human existence, always chasing something that seems to be so damn out of our reach.

While being stuck in this made-up bubble, we miss understanding that our journey wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the whole spectrum of emotions. We grow out of experience, therefore, it’s okay to try and never make it, it’s okay to trust and be betrayed, it’s okay to work damn hard and lose it all, and the list goes on.

Then in the process of living life and dealing with its ups and downs, we will finally understand that happiness isn’t a destination we have to reach, rather a byproduct of how we look at life, a byproduct of the right perspective which leads to contentment we often chase for a lifetime without experiencing it.

There are moments when the thought of human sufferings going on in the world feels too heavy to bear, bringing us to our knees while warm tears flowing down on our cheeks, a natural emotional response of genuine love towards humanity.

Yet those very tears shouldn’t be looked at with pity, like a channel they give a way to our emotions, carefully guiding and protecting its continuity. But there is an unseen aspect of sorrow, it also acts as a powerful catalyst for creativity drawing us inward while allowing us to tap into the creative pool of our being.

Once there, we reach beyond the limit of our mind allowing the creative flow to create a ripple reaching even the farthest corners of the universe and affecting everything in it.

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