Choosing The Path of Freedom

There is nothing wrong with having the latest gadgets and enjoying its benefits. It’s incredible how these tools can make our lives and work easier, and how they allow us to communicate with people on the other side of the globe. Better tools definitely worth the investment, but only if we really need it. The danger of impulse buying is real – something we have to be aware of – considering the pressure of society on every one of us: “Make more money, own more stuff, impress others with your success!”.

Yet the path we choose is our decision. Making more money and owning more stuff inevitably leads to burnout sooner or later as we gradually lose focus on what really matters and give in to the temptations of the outside world. The price tag outweighs the value we get in exchange which is not the kinda deal we wanna strike.

Conscious living comes with more benefits than one could imagine. Owning less and owning what we really need is freedom. Making less money than what we actually need allows us to spend time with things that truly matter to us. Walking down this path leads to contentment and having peace of mind, knowing that we have control over our lives and decisions, and we live in harmony with our environment.