Our Emotional Spectrum

We often forget that emotions – like everything in life – are temporary. Moreover, we tend to think that we are somehow restricted to the positive end of our emotional spectrum because – as it’s marketed to us – happiness is the ultimate destination of our journey, called human existence.

Whereas in reality, life often throws shit our way causing distress, frustration or even sorrow. So when shit hits the fan and we don’t know how to deal with it, we feel even more frustrated cause happiness suddenly seems like a distant land we never quite reach, like ever. We feel like a failure, never living up to the golden standard of human existence, always chasing something that seems to be so damn out of our reach.

While being stuck in this made-up bubble, we miss understanding that our journey wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the whole spectrum of emotions. We grow out of experience, therefore, it’s okay to try and never make it, it’s okay to trust and be betrayed, it’s okay to work damn hard and lose it all, and the list goes on.

Then in the process of living life and dealing with its ups and downs, we will finally understand that happiness isn’t a destination we have to reach, rather a byproduct of how we look at life, a byproduct of the right perspective which leads to contentment we often chase for a lifetime without experiencing it.