Powered by Freedom

Watching a bunch of teenagers frantically looking for a power source to charge their smartphones at the train station reminded me of a different world which I used to be part of. Their nervous energy was the first thing I sensed, their impatience was impossible to not spot as they tried all sockets to squeeze out some power without much luck. They walked away annoyed that the damn sockets didn’t work making them face the grim prospect of running out of power soon.

Their expectations fueled by the illusion of being the center of the universe were shattered in a split second and their blindness lead to anger and discontentment. Those sockets function like modern-day wells in the middle of the digital desert and reaching them in time is like a decision between life or death.

While the sudden wave of anger blinded their senses, they missed noticing how their chains were about to crack before falling to the floor, shattered to pieces, signaling the dawn of a new sense of freedom.